The Dual is a versatile Cropper

Reduce any pre-cast concrete pile with the ‘Dual’

Our Dual cropper is used to reduce any pre-cast concrete (PCC) pile with single or multiple reinforcement bars. The cropper is narrow enough to fit into 600mm trench digs and tight spaces, this is a very versatile cropper giving a superb finish using the two cutting blades. The Dual cropper is used to expose the rebar to finish the level by nibbling down the pile at intervals of 250mm – 500mm.

Recommended for sites where the multi-bar cropper is too large. 800kg weight – minimum 8T excavators and above

The Method:

Lower the dual cropper over the top of the pile to approx 300mm, close jaws to expose reinforcement as required. Continue in this manner until reaching finish level. With reinforcement bars up to 12mm, it is possible to guillotine through pile completely so care to be taken if this not required.

Three sizes available:

200mm piles
200 – 250mm piles
250 – 300mm piles – L 1100mm x W 500mm x H 900mm
Weight 800kg

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